Lexington Barbecue


Chopped BBQ Plate10.70
Sliced BBQ Plate11.20
Coarse Chopped BBQ Plate11.70
Hamburger Steak Plate9.70
Fried Shrimp Plate10.70
Fish Plate10.70
Chuckwagon Plate 9.70
Fried Chicken Fillet Plate10.70
Barbecue and fish plates are normally served with french fries and slaw and either rolls or hush puppies. All other plates are normally served with french fries and tossed salad and either rolls or hush puppies. You may substitute some items.


Chopped BBQ Tray 6.60
Large Chopped BBQ Tray10.70
Sliced BBQ Tray 6.90
Large Sliced BBQ Tray11.20
Coarse Chopped BBQ Tray 7.20
Large Coarse Chopped BBQ Tray11.70
A tray has barbecue, slaw, and either rolls or hush puppies.
A large tray has more barbecue than a plate.

Side Orders

French Fries2.00 & 2.80
Hush Puppies2.00 & 2.80
Onion Rings2.30 & 3.30
Barbecue Beans1.70
Chicken Tenders3.70
Pork Skins (Tray)3.40
Small Tossed Salad3.50
Large Tossed Salad4.50
Small BBQ Salad5.80
Large BBQ Salad6.80
Smoked Turkey Salad6.80
BBQ Salad (Special BBQ Cut)7.80


Cheerwine, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange & Pink Lemonade2.30
Iced Tea (Unsweetened on request)2.30
Coffee & Decaffeinated Coffee2.30
Milk (1/2 pint)1.60

For Small Appetites

Mini Chopped Tray4.50
Mini Sliced Tray4.70
Mini Chicken Plate4.50
Mini Hamburger Plate4.50


Chopped BBQ Sandwich (with slaw)4.30
Sliced BBQ Sandwich (with slaw)4.50
Hot Dog (with chili & slaw)2.00
Hamburger (with chili & slaw)3.90
Hamburger (with lettuce, tomato, and mayo)3.90
Cheeseburger (with mayo and pickle)4.00
Cheeseburger (with lettuce, tomato, and mayo)4.00
Big Burger (lettuce, tomato, slaw, and mayo)4.30
Big Cheeseburger (lettuce, tomato, slaw, and mayo)4.50
Chuckwagon Steak (lettuce, tomato, and mayo)4.00
Fish Sandwich (with slaw)4.50
Chicken Breast Fillet Sandwich (lettuce, tomato, and mayo)4.50
Ham & Cheese (with mayo)4.50
Smoked Turkey Sandwich (lettuce, tomato, and mayo)4.50
Pork Skin Sandwich (with slaw)3.40


Pecan, Chocolate, Lemon, Apple, Peach Cobbler3.40

Special carry-out orders only

Chopped BBQ (with sauce on meat)11.00 per pound
Sliced BBQ (with sauce on meat)12.00 per pound
Smoked Turkey (Thin Sliced)8.00 per pound
BBQ Sauce(mild)
-1/2 pt = 1.25
-pt = 2.50
-qt = 4.00
Whole Shoulder (9-pound average)5.00 per pound
BBQ Slaw
-1/2 pt = 1.50
-pt = 3.00
-qt = 5.00
Barbecue Beans3.00 per pint
One pound of barbecue and one pint of slaw will typically feed three adults.
Buns (.20 cents each)2.40 DozenHush Puppies (about 20)2.80Smokehouse Barbecue Sauce3.20Any item on our menu can be prepared for carry out.We use pork shoulders only. They are cooked about nine hours over hickory oak coals. We salt the meat before cooking but we do not baste. This is our true Lexington-style barbecue.